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Era of nawabs is long over: Saif

Actor Saif Ali Khan fielded questions diplomatically as he made a brief visit to the city

Saif Ali Khan made a blink and miss appearance in the city but PT managed to quiz him on his latest tiff with Patels, John Abraham and more

No Nawab, please I think the era of nawabs is long over. After 1971, the Indian government decided to abolish royal entitlements and I completely agree with that. I am in full support of the Indian democracy and the Indian government.

The Patel Vs Khan (Smiles) I think it shouldn’t have happened. You tell me that Tarina Patel has threatened to go to court, but I hope she doesn’t do that.

John Abraham’s arrest I read about him in the newspapers, poor fellow. For John it is terribly unfair. He was arrested. It obviously happened because he is a star. I know that accident happens every now and then, but it goes unnoticed as they are not star or a celebrity to come on national television.

Blag flags shown in Indore and Bhopal I don’t know about it.

Pataudi house Pataudi is my house and whenever I do the interiors and the renovation it shouldn’t be national news.


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