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Kareena is a great actor: Saif Ali Khan

I wanted to save the best for the last,” says Saif Ali Khan, referring to leading lady Kareena’s presence at the promotion of his action spy thriller Agent Vinod that hits the screens today.

“We have been promoting the film separately, expectations do change with an off-screen couple and it is an interesting thing to learn how to deal with that,” says Saif. And more than anxiety, it is a sense of fulfilment written large on the actor’s face. “I was anxious before I saw the film, but now I am fine. It has got action, good story, plot, beautiful women (laughs)…everything that sells,” he adds.

So what does he usually do on the day of the release of his film? “I spend a lot of time in the bathroom,” he flashes his typical brand of humour. “Actually, I have never had a release that is so important in a way. Today I would like to go and see the film in both, multiplex and single screen theatres,” says the actor on a serious note. “I have been involved from the title to the release, so the journey in making this film has been far more interesting. It is slightly surreal feeling to see it on screen now,” he adds.

And in the midst of massive media frenzy, exhaustive promotions and interviews, Saif decides to chill at the Cocoberry store where he launches the Agent Vinod comic book (graphic novel). “It is among the best internationally. It might curdle in your mouth because the comic book is quite hardcore and cocoberry is nice and sweet,” remarks Saif jokingly. He further says, “I want to congratulate Cocoberry on reaching one million fans on Facebook and making it world’s number one yogurt brand.”

So does he have plans of doing more films with Kareena? “Depending upon the script, I would love to do more films with her. She is a great actor, has great screen presence and a professional co-star. In this film we wanted to bring her out of the comfort zone into action, adventure and edgy space. She looks good in action,” he says.

And Saif’s brawlgate may be a thing of the past, but “people keep talking about it,” he sighs. Does he think it will help his film as they say that controversy usually works? “I hope not… it has to be more healthy…” Saif signs off.

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