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Kareena Kapoor goes missing

Well, Kareena Kapoor’s friends and her close ones were worried as no whereabouts of the actress was known for few weeks and when it is thoroughly inquired it is found that Kareena was so involved in shooting an intense scene for Madhur Bhandarkar’s ‘Heroine’ that she has cut herself from the outer world.

Bebo doesn’t want to be disturbed by anyone and hence she has also switched off her mobile phone through out the film shoot. Kareena is very much addicted to her mobile phone but when she has switched off her mobile for a long time, it has came as a surprise for all, “It’s impossible to see Bebo without her phone. In fact, even during the breaks in between shoots, it’s a given that she would be on her phone. She is addicted to BBMing and stays in constant touch with her friends. So it was shocking to know that she was not accessible on her cell either these past few days,” says a source.

It can’t be denied that Kareena is a true professional but this is the first time that she is so deeply involved in any film, “Not that she was any less professional before, but we think it’s the first time that she’s got so involved in a film that she’s called off all her meetings and has not even been able to catch up with her friends,” says the source.

Her friends start calling her ‘Aamir’ on looking at her dedication and professionalism. Kareena even pushed back her wedding date for ‘Heroine’.


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