Kareena’s interest list on undercover spying on B-Town stars

So what if we don’t have Bond babes? We certainly have a ‘Bond Bebo’.

And when she goes undercover, we expect nothing short of surprises. While talking about turning a hot spy-girl, Kareena told Madhureeta Mukherjee what she would like to uncover about the following B-Town stars…

SRK: “I want to find out where he gets his energy from. I mean, what does he take… injections or something?”

AAMIR: “I want to set up a camera in Aamir’s house and spy on him 24X7. I’m that crazy about him!”

PRIYANKA: “Well, she makes the best spy in Bollywood, I think. She should give me tips on how to spy.”

SALMAN: “He parties; he shoots and then works out. I really want to know when and how Salman manages to get some sleep?”

KATRINA: “What would I like to find out about her? Actually nothing; I’m not that interested in spying on Katrina.”

KJO: “Ha, ha, I know too much about him. I need to know a little less, I think!”

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