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Mallika should act with a snake: Emraan Hashmi

They may have set the screen on fire with their smoldering chemistry in Mahesh Bhatt’s ‘Murder’ in 2004, but they have been at loggerheads since. The war of words between the two has been the talk of the town with mutual friends having played peacemakers in the past. But the animosity is not expected to die down any soon, it seems so because Emraan has launched a brand new update in their rivalry recently.

It should be put to light that when the movie had become a Box Office hit, Mallika had quoted that all the credit for the success of the movie should be hers. This statement did not go down well with the lead actor of the movie, Emraan Hashmi and he claimed that Mallika was not a ‘good kisser’. Hearing this, Mallika had said that she would rather kiss a snake than Emraan. And very recently, Emraan reportedly updated the chapter by saying that Mallika should act with a snake only in the sequel to her 2010 dud ‘Hisss’.

Well, it certainly seems like there is no love lost between the once on-screen lovers. Now, we await the reply of Mallika Sherawat on this episode.

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