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The importance of an open week can be seen by the week to week drops that the films running saw last week.

The films that had acceptance from their target audience dropped just 20-25% and an outright rejected film like London Paris New York had a drop of 54%. If a major event film had come a minimum 70% drop can be factored in for the accepted films and if a medium to big budget film had come then a 50% drop can be factored in.

Although it makes a small difference to a film like Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya which is in its fourth week, for a film like Kahaani in its second week it is a godsend as it its adds 20-50% to the final nett total depending on what competition you faced.

The drops last week of the major Hindi films playing were as follows.

Kahaani – 19%

Paan Singh Tomar – 19%

Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya – 25%

London Paris New York – 54%

Chaar Din Ki Chandni – 76%

Both Kahaani and Chaar Din Ki Chandni drops are not including paid previews in week one.


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