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Salman Khan In Pain Again

Some months back, Salman Khan went through a surgery for trigeminal neuralgia in the United States of America. It was a five hour long surgery, during which the blockages from the actor’s mouth were removed. Reportedly, the pain has returned and is bothering the actor.

As per reports, while shooting for Ek Tha Tiger Salman started experiencing the same pain again. He is feeling a knot in his jaw. The intensity of the pain is much lesser but it has become a big concern for him. This pain might have resurfaced due to the hectic schedule and stunts done during the film’s shooting. For now, he is on medication, it does bother him but that doesn’t stop the Khan from enjoying his life to the fullest.

Doctors have claimed that the pain can come back after a period of some months and this only happens if the surgery is not done properly. If it’s done properly then in 90 to 95 percent cases it never comes back.

Well, does this mean Salman’s surgery was a failure?


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