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Sonakshi Sinha’s sari story

Actress Sonakshi Sinha, who was seen sporting Western wear for quite some time is now warming up to the idea of being seen in Indian clothes in her public outings. And guess whose wardrobe she digs into, especially when it comes to fishing out classic saris for her new avatar? Her mom, Poonam Sinha’s!

“Sonakshi likes Western dresses.She’s confident of what she wears. But she revisited her love for saris when she while shooting for her upcoming film Lootera and she’s quite liking putting her Indian avatar on display,” says a friend close to the actor. Sonakshi, says the friend, constantly seeks her mom’s advice when it comes to Indian wear, and that too the classic ones.

“Her mom is like her mirror. She is the first person Sona turns to because she knows she can expect the complete truth from her. Sona is constantly bombarded with designers wear to sport for her public outings. But when it comes to classic saris, she finds her mom’s collection the best and unmatchable,” says the source. In fact, Sonakshi is apparently so fond of her mom’s collection that she dug into it even for her on latest screen avatar.

A little birdie confirms this and tells us that Sonkashi checked out a lot of heavy saris to wear for her new film, but none of them really captured her interest.

“She constantly felt like something was amiss. Finally she turned to her mom’s wardrobe and realised that it was a treasure trove. Bas, she instantly sought her mom’s permission and sat down with the stylist to pick the best ones,” says the source adding that lucky for Sona, her mom obliged at the first go!


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