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Don’t know About Others But Mera Toh Band Bajaya – 2.0/5.0

By: prasu.sreeju

Watching Sajid Khan’s mindless comedy reminds me of a famous dialogue from Casablanca “I have a story to tell but I don’t the finish”. Its true that every other mindless
comedy released in Bollywood don’t know how to finish off well. Golmaal 2, Desi Boys, Heyy Baby and now Housefull 2. Mind you these are watchable comedies made to look like Junkyard stuff because of a poor ending. Housefull 2 stands as a companion piece to 2010’s forgettable comedy Golmaal 3.

I haven’t seen the first movie but of what I seen of it, this sequel see ms to me a better one in comparison. But that doesn’t justify a deserving watch. Its biggest Irony is that its director Mr. Sajid Khan, who himself is a hilarious man just couldn’t rip off the same in his movies. To be honest the simultaneous scenes in which John abraham and Akshay encounters a python and crocodile are genuinely funny comparing the standards you see in Sajid’s previous movies. T he two go large faced and cock-eyed whilst writhing in pain triggering off big laughs in the audience.

Another sequence I enjoyed is the one where John and Akhshay Jump off a waterfall ending up in a beach resort. There are some extremely cheesy dialogues here as well like “Brad ka toh patha nahi par mein is pitt mein tumhare wajah se hoon” and “2 0th Century ka toh pata nahi but aap asli fox ho” “Birla ka toh patha nahi but Tataa”.. I can go on and on but you get the big picture.

Of the cast Rishi Kapoor, Mithun Da and to an extent Akshay Kumar manages to spark off good humor. Johnny lever also plays a typical cameo like he always does. John Abraham by the way struggles with his one liners. As far as the actresses go, well they all ham through giving that oomph factor director Sajid khan needs.

Songs:- The songs are decent. My favorite is Anarkali Disco chali Mallaika’s item number. She once again proves herself as the quintessential item girl in B-town. Another song I enjoyed is Papa ko Band Bajaye, brilliantly choreographed by Farah Khan. Do you know and Right now also are quite hummable.

Verdict:- At roughly 2 1/2 hours Housefull 2 is a mere improvement from the first film but just not consistent enough to deserve a watch. You go for it if, and only if you liked the films I mentioned at the start. As far as I’m concerned; Well all I can say is “I don’t know about others but Mera toh Band Zaroor Bajaya..” .. 😛


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