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Double Trouble Maaza – 4.0/5.0

STORY: Housefull 2… The Dirty Dozen is the second super star packed installment in the HF franchise. A completely new story with new characters and a new star cast. HF2 is bigger than its predecessor in every aspect. It is the story of four fathers, four daughters and four prospective son-in-laws and as the second half of the title suggests, they are the dirty dozen. Each father wants his daughter to marry the richest son-in-law, Each daughter thinks she is marrying the richest son-in-law. Each son-in-law is pretending to be the richest son-in-law. Each character is flawed, unscrupulous and extremely entertaining. The good news for the audience is that none of these people can stand each other and all of them are under one roof, in one house as the first half of the title suggests – HOUSEFULL

MOVIE REVIEW: The movie “Housefull 2” is a movie which is packed with the big brigade of stars. HF2 is much bigger than its previous with completely new story and new star cast. It is a kind of movie which can be watchable easily with whole family and can enjoy the movie together.

HF2 contains a story which is full of drama, action, comedy, and romance but all these have presented in a double-troubled way. Double because the there are double drama, double family, double sisters, double mothers, double fathers and Trouble because every character is dealing with various troubles in a double way and this situation gets even difficult after the coming of every new character. And, When these Double and Trouble gets mixed up than it creates mazza in every situation.

For any comedy movie it is required that it has to be entertaining one instead of boring one. The length of the should be completely balanced. The story of the movie is not of great concern and whatever may be the story of these kinds of movies, these movies should be high at entertainment level and should maintain it properly. For the movies like HF2 you don’t required much better story but should definitely have some sensible story with high entertainment level and should present good humor according to the length of the movie.

HF2 clearly satisfy the thought that movies like these should be made with more masala, should add more comic drama, funny dialogues, and various comic situations and sequences, so that it will be watchable and also enjoyable. The first half of the movie is very nice and too good than second half. During the first half it has been shown the rivalry nature of the characters with every new character but in a comic nature and it is followed with more comic melodrama in second half. But I feel second half could have been edited a bit to keep it balance.

There are many comic scenes in the movie such as the scene in the beginning in which both John and Shreyas meets “python snake” and when Akshay and Ritesh meets with the “Crocodile”. That scene was very good. And other than this, the various characters of the “Jolly” also entertained superbly.
The Last scene of the movie is the best among all when Mithun Chakraborty as J.D. or “Jaaga” Daaku look for all the others with his gun and all the others were standing just behind him. Whenever he moves in any directon than all the others standing just behind him moves simultaneously with him to remain hide from the J.D. That scene was perfect one.

If we see the whole HF2 movie from the beginning till end we can observe that there are many comic scenes. Every scene is comic in nature and there are many comic and funny moments as the movie progress. Seriously, without any comic scene and dialogues this movie couldn’t have been watchable and enjoyable too but thanks to these various comic and funny scene this movie has become a class movie.
If this movie is made with some serious genre than this couldn’t have been very entertaining like it is presented in this movie.

The best part of HF2 is its ’comic-timing’ and its ’high-energy level’ which had made this movie very entertaining. And with the flavour of “Double-Trouble Mazza!” this movie is the best and presented movie with high entertainment level.

Sajid Khan has made the movie with great ease. Apart from his previous movies such as “Heyy Baby” , “Housefull” and to this movie “Housefull 2” , only this movie “HF2” stands out fully and it is the best.
He has put every character in Double-Trouble way which is very well satisfying the title of the movie “HF2”.

The music of the movie is very nice and among all the tracks the Best Tracks are “Papa to Band Bajaye”, “Do You Know”, and Last but not the Least “Anarkali Disco Chali”.

In all, the music of the movie HF2 is a rocking one.

Akshay Kumar is the best in its every scene whether it is comic scene, or fight scene he is fit and fine in every scene. He is followed by than all the other actors such as John, Ritesh and Shreyas.
Ritesh has been having fun in this year. Previously, he has come in the movie “Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya” with his co-star and as well as newely married wife “Genelia”. Actually he is the only star in this movie HF2 as due to various characters of “Jolly”. He is definitely the best and has improved a lot in his acting and as well as in his performance.

All the actresses were fine and among all Asin and Zarine stands out fully.

Johny Lever and his comic timing is quite well.

Chunky Pandey as “Pasta” is the only complete waste and it is not required in this movie.

Malika Arora Khan, O I just love her in this movie! She is much better than Katrina Kaif in Chikney Chameli .

And Last but not the Least all the Fathers were phenomenal and have perfomed superbly. Boman Irani was good but has quite cool than all others. Mithun as “JD” aur “Jaaga” Daaku was very nice. But among all the Jodi of Randhir Kapoor and Rishi Kapoor has done a great job and has made this movie watching a memorable experience. They were remain be the best.

The mixture of all these has definitely created magic on the screen.

In all, “HOUSEFULL 2 – THE DIRTY DOZEN” is a class movie and is one of the Best Comedy Movies ever made. Sajid Khan has done a great job by making another Housefull which is much more bigger and has used the concept of “Double-Trouble Mazza” Superbly! I really love this movie.


Movie; “HOUSEFULL 2 – THE DIRTY DOZEN” – 2012 – **** (4 Stars)!


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