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Fun, frolic, and lots of genuine humo – 4.0/5.0

Watched first day first show (literally). And every penny spent was worth double its value. The movie rocks!!! You’ll forever remember Akshay’s wicked smile. Mithun’s role has a stupendous
twist, that changes the complexion of the story, and leads smoothly into the other half. So is the camaraderie (or fighting) between Randhir and Rishi Kapoor – too good.. Best part was none of the dozen actors have acted badly. Even the new actresses are pretty good. Asin looks the best among them. And what to say of Mr Jhonny Lever, he simply rocks in his own style. So all in all Inspite of all the confusion and hulla-bulla, you come out smiling and having a good time for those 2 hours and 15 odd minut es. Do watch that too in theatres, and don’t miss it!!!

One thing is for sure, that inspite of the new IPL season, this movie will do strong at Box Office.


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