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John can make a rice-sack look sexy: Jacqueline

The actress gets candid with Madhureeta Mukherjee on various issues

She has Khan (Sajid) to direct her on-screen, and romance her off-screen. Sri-Lankan actress, Jacqueline Fernandez , who is four films old, is looking to make it big Bollywood. She talks to zoOm about the industry’s stereotypes, making it sans a Godfather, and the ‘other’ men she’s waiting to romance. Read on…

From a sultry bombshell in Murder 2, to a bride-to-be in Housefull 2…
It’s very easy to get stereotyped in this industry. I wouldn’t have been able to get out of the ‘sexy’ image if it weren’t for Housefull 2. After Murder 2, I rejected many roles which required me to be a sex siren.

Do you think actresses get stereotyped much more than actors?
Absolutely. But luckily, we’re now getting our due. Vidya Balan has hit Bollywood like a hurricane. I feel liberated just talking about her. And then there’s Kareena, who’s demanding her worth. These women have taught the industry a lesson.

Would it be easier if you had a godfather?
A godfather would have made things easy but I don’t know for how long. People are ready to take credit for your success and abandon you in times of trouble. I want to take credit for my own success and blame for my failures.

You have two films with John this year…
John’s very sweet. On one hand, he can make a rice sack look sexy, and on the other, he’s polite and a perfect gentleman; the kind of boy you can take home to daddy. We have Race 2; hope it makes us the ‘IT’ on-screen couple.”

You’ve been fairly guarded about your life…
What makes an actor and actor is the work s/he does. You can run around naked or shout from rooftops, but at the end of the day, it’s good performances that will get you more work.

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