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Kareena feels Aishwarya could not have been Heroine ?

Madhur Bhandarkar’s upcoming movie ‘Heroine’ has had its fair share of controversies till now. And they refuse to die down, it seems. The lead actress of the movie, Kareena has reportedly taken a dig at the Bachchan bahu recently by claiming that the role was meant to be hers.

Madhur is known to make hard-hitting woman-centric films, and when he had announced his latest ‘Heroine’, it looked set to be a winner and would probably have been an actress’ dream role. But surprisingly, it took a lot of time for the director to rope in an actress. First, Kareena declared that she would be doing the movie, but she backed off at the last moment. And Aishwarya then stepped into her shoes and shot for quite a chunk of the movie when she was found to be pregnant and hence could not do the movie anymore. The role was believed to be jinxed but it paradoxically and finally fell into Kareena’s lap again. And she is said to be working very hard for the role because she has not tasted success for quite a while now. Kareena has just claimed that ‘Heroine’ was destined to be her movie.

Well, if this is a dig aimed at Aishwarya, be sure to have a war of words in B-town soon enough.

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