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Sajid Toh Band Bajaye – 2.5/5.0

Without any linkage to its prequel, Housefull-2 can be imagined to be a light comedy and has a set of audience. Constants in cast are Akshay Kumar, Riteish Deshmukh, Randhir Kapoor, Chunky Pandey
& Boman Irani besides faces behind camera.

These days a comedy movie is a formula. They don’t become innovative block busters, critic’s choice or Oscar nominees. They certainly do not fail miserably in giving the producer some buck. If sajid khan has any success or not, the point is he is not fit for anything else. Sajid Khan tried to repeat the formula knowing the audience today wants to escape from the hectic and mundane life. Well, he succeded to some extent too.

Akshay Kumar as Sunny (also one Jolly) tried to justify his continuation of Housefull. In fact, one of the best comic scenes of the movie could be his second scene (with Asin in a room). Sometimes I felt he was trying to repeat his “welcome” performance (Mithun replacing Nana Patekar). He is undisputedly the best central character in comic roles in recent times.

Could not appreciate the macho man John Abraham’s (Max and Jolly too) role selection. Not bad, though I don’t think he is cut out for such roles. He is much better suited for a sporty or action character. The muscle show (I don’t know the pack configuration clearly) in few scenes were quite amazing.
Reitesh Deshmukh and Shreyas are good in their respective characters. At one point of time when Reitesh was explaining the jodis with photos on a board, I was equally confused. Such movies are made to cloud the storyline and add reels.

Chunky Pandey(Ahkree pasta) has found a typical character for him and not at all boring. Asin was looking hot (not to mention her mother in the movie was reminding my school day crush with one of my teachers…. Net net she was also hot for the senior audience besides her husband rishi kapoor). Both Rishi Kapoor and Randhir Kapoor are fantastic in their characters. Nothing much to say on Jacqeline and Zarine as I felt they are no more in mainstream cinema. Shazahn Padamsee does not have much in the film. For the first time Boman Irani faded in my eye.

The story has nothing but four girls (with fathers in loop) and four prospective intendeds. Fathers wanting the daughter to marry the richest (there is only one). The movie at points has very well comedy scenes and towards the end it fails to contain any excitement. Can’t give much more on the movie. Not that it will defeat interest, it really doesn’t have any.

Four songs in the film are good enough to add spice. Anarkali Disco Chali has already made it to the top chartbuster (Good job again for Mamta Sharma & Sukhwindher Singh duo). Malaika is really proving to be the Helen of 21st century … Yup quite sultry. Papa Toh Band Bajaye ( Neeraj Shridhar) as sequel of ” volume kam kar papa……” is very colorful and entertaining. Two other songs “ Right Now Now ” ( Wajid, Sunidhi Chauhan, Suzanne D Mello) and “ Do U Know ” (Shaan, Shreya Ghoshal) are apt. Sajid-Wajid duo are in good form.

When I was out of the multiplex with my kid and spouse, they rated the movie as 5star and 2star respectively signifying the appropriate choice. The formula for Sajid Khan seems to be working for now at least. Putting few songs, a good item number, some confusion, few undesirable characters may give him opportunity to both sajids (khan & nadiadwala) to pocket some money but the formula is fast aging.

I have few things (call it suggestion/recommendation / caution or remarks):
– Go for it if you have nothing else to do
– Go in a multiplex or else wait for 2/3 weeks to watch on your LED TV
– Go if you believe in nondiscrimination among movies (watch all policy)
– Go if you are blind fan of some of the characters …

…………and I am giving it a 2 ½ Star


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