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Seems Sajid Khan has lost the plot after Hey Babyy – 3.0/5.0

Wow!!!!!!! was quite excited, this morning, when i reached, cinema hall, and saw huge crowd, waiting for the gates to open.
Booked, the ticket, and was really excited, to watch Akshay Kumar nonsensical
act in a House full of dirty dozens…rather Housefull2.

Is, this movie, really a sequel to Housefull ? Answer is NO….as Sajid Khan, has already mentioned in one of his interviews, that, with this Movie, they are re-living the Housefull Franchise, as we have seen, in the past with D-D2(read D as Dhoom), G,G2 and G3(G as Golmaal).

Let’s not beat the bush around, and try to find out, if the movie is worth, to spend money.

It’s all about four son-in-laws, pretending to be “Jolly”, where three father-in-laws, searching the richest bridegrooms, for their daughter.

There is no story, so finding a little difficult to figure out, how Sajid khan, convinced, such a big list of actors, without any script. Nevertheless, there are too many of flashbacks, and for the first time, saw the funny side of the past….

There is Sunny(Akshay kumar), emulating Ranjeet, becuase later plays father of our hero, and is some kind of th-e-rapist(as mentioned on the board, at Dr.Ranjeet’s Clinic, though ’e’, was tilted downwards).

Mithun Da, is JD, the multi millionaire of UK, whose son is Riteish Deshmukh a.k.a. Jolly. Well, he’s the original Jolly of the plot and rest are made Jolly by chance, credit goes to Jai(Shreyas Talpade), who in later part of the film, converts to Jolly, just to make sure, all the girls in the house are marrying, Jolly.

The funniest part of the movie, is Akshay and his actions, Watch it if you have time, this summer, when you really want to laugh. Because, this movie makes, sure that it’ll keep you engaged, with gags at the right intervals.

And, Yes Sajid Khan, has lost, the plot after Hey Babyy…. because , that was the only movie from him, which had some story and genuine comedy. Rest are just a kind of Stress-busters, and would be liked by the audience, who is talented enough, to find something new, every time , they see, repetitive act of or KHILADI KUMAR….

Happy Watching!!!!!!!!!!!!


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