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Sheila Ki Jawani is copied: Prem Marhe

Recently, Vishal Dadlani stumped his followers on twitter when he tweeted: “This guy, +31613566735, has been harassing Shekhar, Sunidhi, Farah, me, ever since ‘Sheila’ came out. He’s very irritating.

Time for payback! This guy is utterly nuts. See if he can take it! I had no choice but to let him see how it feels. He’s a psycho!”

We called on the number and the man who picked up the phone, said that he’s Prem Marhe, a singer-composer-producer, based at Neitherlands, whose several (adult) videos are posted on youtube.

‘Sheila Ki Jawani is copied’

When asked as to why he was harassing Shekhar, Sunidhi Chauhan, Farah Khan and Vishal Dadlani, he replied: “These people copied the words, the concept, dance moves and even the dress from my three videos, which are on youtube. So, I will harass Farah, Vishal, Sunidhi and Shekhar for life! These people have stolen my work, so they will have to pay the price!”

‘They abused me’

Ask him why didn’t he try to sort out the issue amicably, and Prem says: “I called Farah and told her “didi why did you steal my concept and used it as Sheila Ki Jawani” and she abused me, using all kinds of four-letter words in Hindi and I replied in the same vein. My experiences with Vishal, Shekhar and Sunidhi were similar too!”

‘I was booked for drug trafficking’

By his own admission, Prem was “booked under Drug Trafficking Act”. He goes on to add: “I was also booked for money laundering and for beating street fighters and gang leaders. I want justice and I am not scared of anything or anybody!”


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