Sneak Peek: Dangerous Ishhq

Karisma Kapoor will be a shocker in Dangerous Ishhq! The National Award winning actress will be back on the silver screen after five long years. The makers of Dangerous Ishhq are all praise for the actress, and after seeing the trailer you’ll nod that her act is as good as cracked up to be. Have a look at the first trailer of Dangerous Ishhq – 3D directed by Vikram Bhatt, and you will know what we mean.

The trailer begins with Karisma and a short intro on her quest for saccha pyaar, which, in a way, measures up the whole movie — Koi tha jo unhe alag karna chahta tha.. Kyun woh yeh janna chahti thi.. Jawaab chupa tha uske kayii jannmon mein — Karisma as Sanjana is in search of her love through many lives. From the trailer, we may conclude, the movie comes with Vikram Bhatt’s trademark style of storytelling: a thriller with layers, sublayers, and a suspense to boot.

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However, the theme of past lives and reincarnation and a dangerous ishhq straddling the eons may seem a throwback to the Bollywood pulp of the 70s, but the treatment is quite modern. Moreover the film is in 3D which assures that it’s going to be a visual delight with some breathtaking imagery. Overall, the movie rests on the tender shoulders of Karisma Kapoor, and she looks and acts brilliantly in the film. The reactions to the trailer and particularly Karisma’s acting have been good so far.

The movie also stars Rajneesh Duggal, who plays Karisma’s husband; Jimmy Shergill will be seen as a cop helping Karisma, and there’s Arya Babbar too. Dangerous Ishhq is made in 3D and will be released in 2D as well. To catch the film wait till May 11. Here’s the riveting first trailer of Karisma Kapoor’s comeback vehicle Dangerous Ishhq:


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