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Amrita and Farah come together again

It was a moment of deja vu for Farha Khan and Amrita Rao!

The actress was directed by Farha Khan for a commercial. They came together for the first time during Main Hoon Na (2004) which was Khan’s directorial debut .

An insider informes “Farha shot Amrita for an ad of a brand that she endorses. The ad shows Amirta as spunky and sporty gal.”

When contacted Farha laughed, “Amrita is my l’il star! Like Main Hoon Na, I have tapped her funky side and will be seen skate boarding, rappelling, and bungee jumping in the ad film.”

Farha added, “You know every time I see Vivaah, I get so emotional that I end up sending her an sms for her brilliant performance. Though she got popular with the traditional Indian image, I always still like to see Amrita as a rebel of Main Hoon Na. She is bhandaar of talent and has so much potential. She should do more number films as her best is yet to come. She has youth by her side plus the experience.”

When asked why she had not cast Amrita after Main Hoon Na, Farha says, “I wanted Amrita be a part of my title song in Om Shanti Om along with all my close friends but unfortunately that could not happen as she was shooting in Italy. But she is always on mind and the moment I create a plot that demands her, she is on for me.” Amrita adds, “A director is the one who makes you and that is what people will perceive and recognize you with. I’m happy to be back under her brilliant talent and guidance.”

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