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Department gets messy

Ram Gopal Varma’s Department may not release on May 18. The dispute between RGV and Telugu producer Kiran Kumar Koneru has escalated in recent days and does not bode well for the film.

Kiran has now dragged the Censor Board into the affair and also served a “caution notice” on 10 stakeholders of the film, including RGV Dream Force, Viacom Media Ltd, Krishna Shetty of Reliance Media Works, RGV Factory CEO Sandeep Gangatkar and Central Board of Film Certification chairperson Leela Samson. Even the distributors and exhibitors haven’t been spared. The notice warns all of them to refrain from any transactions with respect to the film without the consent of Kiran Kumar and Shreya Production under Section 67 of the Copyright Act and under Sections 171, 181, 191, 192 and 193 of the Indian Penal Code.

“It has been a week since we served them the notice but we haven’t got any reply. We will take the legal course if necessary because our legitimate rights have been imposed upon,” Kiran said. The notice, a copy of which is with DC, claims that Kiran initiated this project and invested capital in Dream Force, a division of RGV Group, to make payments to Ramu, the writer, associate and assistant directors and few key technicians but they are trying to keep his name out of the credits and denying him the status of producer.

“I never imagined that I would ever be in such a situation as RGV and I have made five films together. Despite all this, I have nothing personal against RGV,” he said. RGV didn’t respond to messages, while RGV Factory CEO Sandeep said he was boarding a flight and couldn’t talk at that point in time. He has assured that he will call back.

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