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Department scriptwriter files case against Ram Gopal Varma

It was reported earlier this week that filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma would be questioned by the CID for taking support from Bhanu to produce the movie Rakta Charitra. Now, RGV is facing another trouble. Yes! A scriptwriter of his upcoming movie Department has filed complaint against him saying that he has not paid his dues.

In his complaint, writer Danish Raza has claimed that Neeraj Sharma, who is an executive producer at Ram Gopal Varma’s film factory, had approached him to write screenplay of the film Department around June-July 2010. He accepted his offer and finished writing for the movie, but he did not get his payment at the moment.

However, Danish Raza gave up on pursuing his dues and left for Delhi in Feb 2011 after he was told that Department was shelved due to financial problems. The scriptwriter returned to Mumbai and filed a police complaint on May 7 when he saw the promos and stills of the movie. But Ram Gopal Varma has denied his claims.


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