Movie Review: Fatso (2012)

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Rajat Kapoor’s body of work, as an actor and director, includes several significant films. Especially those directed by him. The talented raconteur has the ability to choose an out of the box story and make it work. But FATSO does not match up to the lofty standards that he has set. Actually, FATSO had the potential to reach the winning post, but the mediocre writing acts as a deterrent.

As a result of a celestial gaffe, a guy is killed earlier than his time on Earth has ended. In the heavens, the guy is bestowed with an additional opportunity to prolong his existence on earth, although in the body of someone else… Does the narrative echo familiarity? Yes, it’s been played around with in many movies. It started with the Hollywood film HERE COMES MR. JORDAN [1941], which was remade as HEAVEN CAN WAIT [1978] and DOWN TO EARTH [2001]. There was a Hindi adaptation as well called JHUK GAYA AASMAN [Rajendra Kumar, Saira Banu; 1967], which is amongst my personal favorites. FATSO is reminiscent of the oh-so-popular story. You could call this semblance a happenstance or an inspiration, whatever you fancy as accurate.

Nandini [Gul Panag] and Navin [Purab Kohli] are about to get married when disaster strikes. Navin and his friends, a hugely overweight Sudeep [Ranvir Shorey] and Yash [Neil Bhoopalam], go out to celebrate. An accident occurs on the highway and Navin is dead. Navin wakes up in heaven and discovers to his horror that it was a clerical error that had landed him in heaven. The man actually destined to be there was the fatso, Sudeep, with his cholesterol on overdrive! Navin makes a scene in the overcrowded waiting room of heaven and demands that he be returned to earth and to his loved ones.

FATSO is about how Navin returns to earth and has to woo Nandini all over again in another guise.


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Positive Reviews
Average Reviews
Negative Reviews
2.0 “It had the potential, but doesn’t quite reach there!”
Bollywood Hungama
2.0 “Fatso is a waste of a great idea”
2.0 “Fatso comes across as a one time watchable love story, which could have been made better with a little more effort…”
2.0 “Fatso falls flat in its narrative, which makes it a dull affair. It’s strictly a one time watch.”
Daily Bhaskar
2.0 “Fatso is a romantic comedy with lots of romance and only sporadic comedy. Not exactly the best bet to throw your weight behind this weekend.”
DNA India


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