Movie Review: Rowdy Rathore (2012)

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Shiva ( Akshay Kumar) is a small-time thief and crook who is crazy about acts of daredevilry. He falls in love with Neeraja (Sonakshi Sinha ). But one day, he gets the shock of his life when a young girl turns up and claims that he is her father.

After recovering from the stunning blow, he slowly starts to find out the truth behind the claim. It turns out that the girl is the daughter of Police Officer Vikram Rathore (Akshay Kumar again).

He is on the run from the notorious Chambal dacoits. He hides himself in Hyderabad. But after getting hit in the head and getting stabbed a couple of times, Vikram Rathore dies in front of Shiva.

The petty thief Shiva now returns to the Chambal valley and settles the score on behalf of the dead cop Vikram Rathore. He also manages to kill all the evil men.

Vivid colors, rustic background and conventional dance routines… ROWDY RATHORE follows the existing trend to create more homespun, home-flavored desi movies rather than pursue the money-spinning NRI souk that has, until recently, been the order of the day. While the central plot is pretty commonplace, the screenplay packs a solid punch, with several clap-trap situations interlaced in the narrative, though it slips into the knowable zone at times. Sure, there are a few limp moments, but a swift narrative outweighs this inadequacy.

Besides, stability is maintained in both halves of the film. While the first hour of the film is replete with entertainment, the second half gets into the action mode [the flashback portions are outstanding], but the entertainment values are maintained at the same level. This one is the emblematic formula movie with distinct essentials that Indian masses yearn for.

Premiere of Rowdy Rathore (2012)


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Positive Reviews
4.0 “If you savor typical masaledaar fares, this one should be on your have-to-watch listing for certain. Dhamaal entertainer!”
Bollywood Hungama
4.0 “ROWDY RATHORE has a storyline, unlike a few of the past Bollywood blockbusters that rode heavily on customized fight sequences.”
3.0 “Rowdy Rathore is a film that’s good-looking, fun, and with a strong commercial flavor. Worth a watch!”
3.0 “Watch it for Akshay Kumar’s performance and the comedy.”
Average Reviews
Negative Reviews
2.0 “Rowdy Rathore has old Khiladi, no new tricks.”
2.0 “Rowdy Rathore is a heavy dose of Bollywood masala movie which will be loved by the audience who fancy such preposterous outings. But this film is definitely not for the intelligentsia. “
Now Running
2.0 “Riddled with an array of loud, lame and specious contrivances, Rowdy Rathore plays out pretty much like a comic-book fantasy rendered in the form of a live-action film.”
NDTV Movies
2.0 “Rowdy Rathore is fun while it lasts.”
DNA Iddia
2.0 “Rowdy Rathore leaves you exhausted, as if you’d come out of a war zone. Recuperate in peace.”
Deccan Chronicle
2.0 “Rowdy Rathore is too rowdy! “
Zee News

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