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Vidya Balan and Siddharth Roy travel in budget class

That Vidya Balan and Siddharth Roy Kapoor, her boyfriend, take short romantic breaks is not news.However, this time around, while flying out to Goa for a getaway, the actress decided to skip business class and travel cattle class instead. And as this diarist can tell you, it just meant that co-passengers had a field day clicking pictures of the elusive duo.

Balan, who is known for her equanimity, did manage to handle the situation well. She politely requested the passengers to refrain from taking pictures, and most of them relented. Except for a certain gent, who was in no mood to give up or give in. That perhaps called for a quick change in character. And Balan took on a sterner, more intimidating tone and reprimanded him for not obliging her. The move had the desired effect. The gentleman immediately retreated and even showed her how he had deleted the pictures from his phone. It was interesting to see how, except for this stray incident, the rest of the flight was largely peaceful, with the co-passengers giving Balan the respect she seemed to command so effortlessly. There is however that one nagging question, why did Kapoor and Balan choose a budget airline if they so crave privacy?


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