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Bipasha Basu signs fourth horror film

It’s but natural for most actors to play parts they feel comfortable in. Not Bipasha Basu, who though she admits to a fear of most things scary, is all enthusiastic about her fourth horror thriller. This one, aptly titled Aatma revolves around her character and her experience with a spirit.

Bips concedes, “I wish I was braver about such spooky things, but I’m not. In fact, many of my friends are surprised I take up roles in such scary movies. More so, because when I watch any horror film with them, I cover my eyes with my hands and see the proceedings on screen through the gaps between my fingers.”

Asked about her take on the supernatural, she argues the very term. “On one hand, it is said to be not a natural phenomenon. And on the other, it’s called super natural, as if it’s a superior kind of natural phenomenon. If it is not natural, why call it super-natural,” she debates.

Bipasha also replies in the negative when probed to share any scary incident she has heard of. However, the actress, who has finished her third supernatural thriller, a sequel of Raaz, makes up by recalling the instance when director Vikram Bhatt narrated the script to her. “I was sitting on this chair with wheels and at one time was so startled that I moved backwards, ending up falling with the chair,” she laughs.

She further continues that sometimes people say funny things to overcome their fear while watching a horror film. As she recalls an instance while watching Raaz in the theatre with her friends, “In the scene when the voice whispers the character’s name, Sanjana, followed by a slight gust of wind, someone remarked that we could have used a blow-drier for the effect.”

Interestingly, only Bipasha, director Suparn Varma and the producers, Kumar Mangat and Abhishek Pathak, have the complete script. Rest everyone in the crew has the last ten pages missing from the copy of the script given to them. The actress attributes it to the thriller element saying, “That’s from the pre-climax onwards, because the major suspense which brings a twist in the tale. When you see the film, you’ll be spooked out just as I was when I heard the script.”

That’s also why the makers are shooting the film in a specially built set on the 21st floor of a building in Andheri. Besides, director Suparn adds that it lends authenticity to the story. “The story takes place in an apartment in a building, and is also a character. When we create a house in a studio, it doesn’t look real. Also the way we’ll shoot the film, with cameras going in and out of the windows, won’t give the effect in a studio house,” sums up the filmmaker.


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