Movie Review: Maximum (2012)

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A large number of movies with the protagonist as a cop have made it to the Hindi screen. A few remain etched in your memory to this day. Besides, many straight-out-of-life incidents are gradually finding their way on the big screen, which clearly indicates Hindi cinema’s gradual move towards realistic films. Set in Mumbai in early 2000, MAXIMUM, helmed by Kabeer Kaushik, focuses on two cops and their journey and struggle for power.

The difference between MAXIMUM and an assortment of movies that have focused on cops earlier is that this one talks of the power games that two encounter specialists indulge in. A novel thought, without an iota of doubt, but MAXIMUM suffers for a valid reason: A skeletal plot that lacks meat in its screenplay. Kabeer may’ve borrowed from real-life, but he isn’t able to bind the incidents and episodes convincingly so as to deliver an enthralling fictional fare.

Mumbai 2003. The battle against the gangland had been affirmed. And the mandate to gun them down was given to a selected few. One of them was Pratap Pandit [Sonu Sood]. The other, Arun Inaamdar [Naseeruddin Shah]. Two encounter specialists. Each with a strong informer base. Sharp strategy. And a long tally of dead gangsters.

The struggle was always for control. If Pandit was ambitious, Inaamdar conniving and silent. Both equally ruthless. But they were not alone in this game. There were other players. Taking the drama through a complex interplay of politics. Land deals. Farzi shoot-outs. And money. Dirty money.

A story that moves through five long years, ending on a railway platform. In the dark of the night. Between the shudder of running trains. Surrounded by the echo of gunshots.


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Positive Reviews
3.0 “You can take a ‘shot’ at this one if you want, but remember you’re not at gun-point, really.”
Times Of India
Average Reviews
2.5 “Maximum falls way short: it does not turn out to be a morning bright and sunny enough to spread all-round cheer.”
NDTV Movies
Negative Reviews
2.0 “MAXIMUM has an attention-grabbing premise, but lacks the meat in its screenplay to leave much of an impact.”
Bollywood Hungama
2.0 “Fans of Sonu Sood might enjoy the movie, but apart from that, Maximum really has nothing much to offer”
1.5 “Maximum has minimum entertainment and maximum mediocrity. “
1.5 “Do not waste your time and money on this one.”
DNA India
1.5 “This one’s attempting to be Ram Gopal Varma’s Satya (1998). That’s a masterpiece that can’t be updated.”
Daily Bhaskar
1.0 “Maximum features good actors lazily reeling off lines that go nowhere.”
1.0 “There are lots of loopholes in MAXIMUM”
1.0 “Maximum is a dry and insipid fare.”


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