Movie Review: Teri Meri Kahaani (2012)

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A self-declared Yash Chopra fan, Kunal Kohli has had a remarkable career thus far. He didn’t have a great beginning with MUJHSE DOSTI KAROGE, but surprised one and all with his dexterity in films like HUM TUM and FANAA. THODA PYAAR THODA MAGIC couldn’t restructure the magic of HUM TUM, but all eyes are on his new outing TERI MERI KAHAANI. The question is, will he be able to strike a chord this time?

Preceding its release, the tittle-tattle went on an overdrive asserting that TERI MERI KAHAANI bears a striking semblance to the 2005 Taiwanese film THREE TIMES, which featured three chronologically separate love stories. Both, the Hou Hsiao-Hsien directed project and Kunal’s film are positioned over three time frames where the hero and the heroine find love in different circumstances. While the Taiwanese film was set in 1911, 1966 and 2005, TERI MERI KAHAANI is set in 1910, 1960 and present-day U.K.

But do the three stories connect with each other? Now that’s one question that shouldn’t be answered in a review. It may rob the film of its magnetism.

This story takes us through a journey of eternal love between a couple who have vowed to love each other not only in this life but in every life to follow. Their love is so strong that even destiny wants to bring them together. The story starts in 1960 Bombay with Govind and Ruksar, then moves ahead to present times, 2012 England with Radha and Krish and then goes back in time to Punjab, 1910 with Aradhana and Javed.

Can Javed and Aradhana still be together? Will Ruksar realize that Govind’s feeling for her were genuine? Will Krish be able to clear the misunderstandings?

Will true love prevail? Or will destiny take its course!!!


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Positive Reviews
3.5 “Not the usual romantic fare, this one presents three different stories in three different eras without getting theatrical or melodramatic.”
Bollywood Hungama
Average Reviews
Negative Reviews
2.0 “Teri Meri Kahaani is pretty much like the loves of the film’s male protagonist – it pours out all it has. But what is has simply isn’t enough.”
NDTV Movies
2.0 “Teri Meri kahaani is not Kunal Kohli’s best work but still is a light watch sans any vulgarity.”
Zee News
1.0 “An extremely slow movie where too much has been attempted without any purpose… it all feels pointless”

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