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Preity Zinta and Kareena Kapoor at loggerheads?

Preity Zinta and Kareena Kapoor was in news last year when the actors decided to put past feuds aside and made an effort to be friends. If Preity had no qualms about going public with her praises for Kareena on a social networking site, the latter too chose to compliment Preity on her authentic nature. Preity had tweeted, “Just saw BODYGUARD! Salman U n Kareena Rock! Its FAB & the action is AMAZING ! All da best This one is full Paisa Vasool :)” The gesture had surprised many because it was Preity who had at a Diwali party hosted by Akshay Kumar in 2008, snubbed Kareena publicly. In fact, what kick started the enmity between the two was Preity’s insulting commented on the ‘new lot of actresses’ and the list also included Kareena’s name. The rivalry worsened when Preity was chosen for Karan Johar’s Kal Ho Na Ho, to play a role that was initially offered to Kareena.

But if you have been thinking that both the actresses have moved on from their warring days, you are mistaken! For Preity has taken a dig at Kareena by contradicting a point which she made recently! Kareena hit the headlines when she said being big is not so cool. Bebo had said, “I have gone back to the size-zero look I had in Tashan, but this time it is curvier. I wanted this body for my item song in the film. Since it is a rigorous and raunchy number, I decided to go for a slim and sexy look. But I still have curves in the right places. It may be a trend now with some actors, but I definitely don’t want to look plump or fat!”

Irrespective of what Vidya and Sonakshi have been saying, calling themselves sexy with their curves, Bebo doesn’t agree with their perspective. Bebo had said, “Being fat is not sexy! Anyone who says that is talking crap. Voluptuous is sexy, but fat is out. Any woman who says she doesn’t want to be thin is alking nonsense. It’s every girl’s dream.”

In her attempt to give no importance to size zero, Preity had said, “For normal people, it is very unfair to keep saying ‘size zero is beautiful’. Being overweight is not good for your health. But there is no such thing that this is the only size.”

Those who know how Kareena garnered popularity by starting the size zero fad in Bollywood when she lost weight for a bikini stint in her 2008 film Tashan, this remark is likely to be interpreted as an attempt to slam her for her oh-so-slim figure.

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