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Serious censor trouble for Sunny Leone’s Jism 2

Being tagged as one of the most anticipated movies of the year comes at a certain price. And who else than Mahesh Bhatt and co. to agree with that right now. It has come to light that ‘Jism 2’ just may have to mellow down the steaminess a bit since the babus sitting inside the Censor building are not too happy with it, the nation being terribly hot already. Anyway, this is not the first time that there has been a legal lid put on the so called freedom of expression in our country.

‘Jism 2’ is extensively in the news day in and out, primarily due to the presence of former porn-star Sunny Leone as the sole lead. While the whole of India seems to be enjoying scanning through the pre-release stills of the movie over the internet, the Censor Board, as usual, just has to play the spoilsport in here. Reportedly, the scheduled release of the movie is in jeopardy since the board has a reputation of delaying things till the last moment.

Though, normally, the Bhatt camp has to be glum coming aware of this particular piece of story, but going by what Rakhi Sawant has famously stated earlier, “Any publicity is good publicity!”, Mahesh Bhatt might be suppressing a smirk right now.


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