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A light frothy romance with the right mix of ingredients – 3.5/5.0

By: Smita

When I go out partying I always order a Caipiroska. I know what goes in it and I love the taste. And when it is well made the pleasure I get from it makes me order it each time rather than try something new. Cocktail is just like that. You know what will happen almost to the scene, you can predict a few of the dialogues before they are spoken (that also may be because the movie is too much like Love Aaj Kal) but yet it takes away nothing from the experience. It may not enhance it but you leave the theater a happy person.

Cocktail is about Love, Friendship and Sacrifice. Gautam, Veronica and Meera are 3 pals. Gautam is a flirt, Veronica a party animal and Meera a conservative introvert. Gautam and Veronica have a casual romance going, Meera cant stand Gautam but when they have to pretend they are engaged to please Gautams mother, they actually fall in love. Problem is Veronica falls in love with Gautam too and then complications and resolutions follow.

The movie starts in a sort of scattered manner and you are left wondering about what is happening for a bit. But then it is total fun and games seasoned liberally with some good peppy songs and some hilariously mad scenes. The second half is a bit slow as the story gets serious and then ends rather tamely.

I seem to remember Being Cyrus (Homi Adajnias first movie) as a dark edgy kind of movie. He does not bring any of that uniqueness or his distinct touch to this movie. (except for one very funny scene where his Bawa genes get the better of him).Cocktail has nothing unusual in its direction or treatment and the way its been done could have been done by any Assistant Director. The shots of London at night and Cape Town are great and stand out in comparison to this predictability.

Saif is in his element being the flirty lover boy. His comic timing as usual is perfect and he charms you. Deepika Padukone looks drop dead gorgeous. Her eyes light up every frame she is in and she is even getting better in the acting department. Diana Penty makes a creditable debut. Her body language is a bit awkward but it suits the character of the shy timid girl she plays. Boman Irani and Dimple Kapadia have small roles, which they bite into with relish.

Overall, its a fun movie to watch. You laugh, you sigh, you tap your feet, chomp your popcorn, leave the theatre and slip back into your routine feeling pleasantly happy. All cocktails dont lead to head banging wild parties. Some just help you wind down and feel good. I would say cheers to that.


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