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Anju Mahendru breaks down after Rajesh Khanna’s cremation

Superstar Rajesh Khanna’s ladylove Anju Mahendru, who reached the Vile Parle crematorium on Thursday, burst into tears while the last rites were being performed.

As per sources, Anju, who had a long relation with the actor (after which he got married to Dimple Kapadia) was inconsolable.

“After Dimple applied some ghee on the face and body of Rajeshji. Anju moved ahead and touched Kaka’s feet and burst into tears, crying aloud ‘Kaka Kaka’,” added a source present inside the crematorium.

Anju is believed to have broken down as soon as Aarav, with the assistance of his father Akshay, offered fire to Kaka’s body.

“Anju burst out crying and almost collapsed. Dimple also couldn’t control her emotions and tears rolled down her cheeks. Rinkee, who was standing beside her mother hugged and pacified her,” insider added.

It was an emotional moment, as at one end of the crematorium- Dimple was inconsolable and at the other, the first love of Kaka’s life Anju was grief struck.


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