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Eesha Gupta strips in front of 300 people

Imagine having to shed your clothes in front of 300 odd people! Model-turned-Eesha Gupta had to do just that for her role in Vikram Bhatt’s upcoming horror film,Raaz 3. Despite requesting the director to cancel the scene, Eesha had to finally shoot the sequence.

Recalling her experience, Eesha says, “My character is wearing a sexy gown when she enters a party hall. However, soon she sees ghosts moving towards her and crisscrossing through her body. In order to get rid of them, I was required to scream and rip my clothes.”

Eesha says it was an extremely awkward moment for her as there were almost 300 extras present on the sets during this scene. She says, “Vikram was very confident about me doing the scene perfectly. My friends helped me relax and finally, I gave my shot.” In fact, once she wrapped up the scene, the crewmembers couldn’t stop clapping and cheering her.

The show must go on

Eesha admits that while she is extremely scared of ghosts, she enjoys watching horror films. Apparently, the actress was a fan of Aahat when she was a kid. However, scared she was, she never stopped watching the telly show. In fact, her entire family joined her in front of the TV set.


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