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Kareena declares war on Sridevi, Preity

The war is on. First theatrical promo of Heroine was launched in a star studded affair yesterday evening, hence pretty much announcing loud and clear that Kareena Kapoor has taken an early lead when it comes to its planned arrival this September. This also means that Sridevi and Preity Zinta have now been forced to find another slot for them as it is highly improbable for either English Vinglish or Ishkq In Paris to find a breathing space for them.

“It was always highly impractical for three major films and that too each of them being heroine oriented to release on the same day. They were thinking of 21st September but now only Heroine will arrive. The other two would now either postpone by a week or come even later”, says an insider.

This was in fact pretty much on the cards once the promo of Sridevi’s comeback film English Vinglish was unveiled more than a month ago. With feedback ranging from lukewarm to negative, it was a given that ad-man Balki would have to get his creative juices flowing all over again and think something different. Meanwhile Preity Zinta did release a poster of her Ishkq In Paris but has more or less stayed quiet ever since then.

“It is clear that Kareena has taken the lead now. The film is anyways seeing good hype coming its way ever since it was announced two years back. With flip-flop around the film’s cast and later Aishwarya Rai’s ouster further spicing up affairs, Heroine has constantly been in news. Now with Madhur Bhandarkar launching the film’s promotion in such a grand and lavish manner, Heroine is already in third gear. It is time to escalate now”, adds a close associate.

Meanwhile for Sridevi and Preity, it could well be another day.

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