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More of a Mocktail than a Cocktail but still worth a try – 3.0/5.0

By: Rony Dcosta

LOVE in the movies it means different things to different people at different times. Always inspires (think a shower of rupees on the producers/directors head) film makers to attempt it again and again. If done well it always works at the box office. It makes 40 year olds act like teenagers (insert Saif Ali Khan). Opens doors to newcomers (Diana Penty) and makes sure that our heroines have a good shelf life (Deepika Padukone).

Deepika Padukone is the only one out of the three who gets a grand hero like entry sequence. It starts off well with all the ‘by now trademark’ Imtiaz Ali characters and dialogues. The relationship between Deepika and Diana are well established and nicely executed with even a hint of this friendship could have become a lesbian love story.

But then drops in the kabab mein haddi. Our hero/producer Saif Ali Khan acting all goofy and doing what he is really good at since he discovered that talent in Dil Chahta hai.

It all flows smoothly till interval point throwing in one night stands, fuck buddys and other such progressive thoughts at the audience at the same time contradicting itself with stereotypical characterization, like the one who is wild is not biwi/bahu material and the one who is seedhi saadhi but becomes wild once in a while is perfect shaadi/love material.

Two women and one man living together are reason enough to create a love triangle and cocktail tries to attempt to bring in some freshness to the over abused theme but the ingredients dont match up too well.
While it takes two steps forward with certain scenes and ideas, it takes a step backwards with some clichd devices to find a suitable solution to the conflict.

What it definitely did was that for the first time I liked Deepika Padukone and her portrayal of Veronica. I saw the film from her point of view and so was rooting for her all along.

Saif is safe as usual in a role like this and clap clap for being a sport and doing that mad sheela ki jawani scene.

Diana Penty with her looks is a mashup of Riya Sen and Deepika Padukone. She looks good and puts up a commendable debut performance.

Amongst all this I didnt find Homi Adajania. All I could see was Imtiaz Ali. I wonder if Imtiaz had directed this film would he have dealt with the 2nd half differently?

Word of mouth Two steps forward. One step backward. More of a Mocktail than a Cocktail but still worth a try. Nasha nahi hua par thoda mazaa zaroor aaya.


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