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No ban for Ek Tha Tiger in Pakistan

The development that has the team of the Salman Khan-starrer Ek Tha Tiger in a flutter is that cable operators in Pakistan have been instructed not to air any promos or trailers of the film.

A letter issued by the neighbouring countrys electronic media watchdog says that the film is aimed at tarnishing the image of its spy agency ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence ).The teaser of the film suggests a proxy war between the Indian intelligence agency RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) and Pakistans ISI.

Ashfaq Ahmed Jumani,regional general manager,Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA),Sindh Province,sent a letter to all Pakistani satellite TV channels and cable networks on July 6,saying, Ek Tha Tiger is reportedly based on the activities of ISI and RAW.Besides,the basic theme of the story revolves around Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency with the objective to tarnish the image of state owned institution.Keeping in view,all satellite TV channels and distribution networks (Cables TV/MMDS/IPTV) are directed to refrain from airing the promos/reviews of subject movie,till the time it is issued NOC from Central Board of Film Censors.The matter should be given utmost preference and due care be ensured to uphold the country’s image and any unintentional lapse in this regard be avoided.

However,when we contacted PEMRA spokesman and general manager Fakhruddin Mughal on Tuesday,he denied the news,saying,No,its not true.I haven’t seen the story or heard such news.There is no such letter issued by PEMRA.As per my knowledge,we have not issued any letter to any cable operator regarding this movie.We issue letters to cable operators through broader instruction.It is in our law that no drama/cartoon movies can be aired against the sovereignty of the country.Im surprised that you have a copy of the letter and I’m sitting in the PEMRA office and have no clue about the letter.

However,when Nadeem H Mandviwalla,owner of Atrium Cinemas in Karachi,spoke to us,he said,Yeh galat news hai.Iss movie ko ban nahin kiya gaya hai.Iss news ko misinterpret kiya gaya hai.We have uploaded the letter that has been issued by PEMRA.Its just an assumption,because the trailer of Ek Tha Tiger mentions organizations like ISI and RAW.That is why the government is assuming that till the time the Censor Board allows it,the promotion of the film shouldn’t be done.It has not been banned,neither has the government said anything about banning it.It is a reservation and that will be cleared when the film comes out.

He added,The PEMRA letter says the same thing.The rumours online that the movie has been banned are completely wrong.Its basically something that the state has to decide.Every state has its own policy.If the government decides on some policy,then you will abide by your government and we shall abide by ours.Such things keep happening like in the past,the movie Agent Vinod was banned in Pakistan. So its not a big deal.The government has its own reasons and only the government can comment on it.It is very inappropriate if I comment on it.

Kabir Khan Tweets

I will say it once more… #EkThaTiger is NOT anti Pakistan… This is the price we have to pay because unfortunately our industry has made insensitive and jingoistic films in the past… I am absolutely sure that once the censor board of Pakistan sees #Ek-… will be more than happy to show the film in Pakistan I can assure the millions of fans of Salman in Pakistan that #EkThaTiger will release in theatres in their country.

I’m still a newcomer in the industry but see the vast filmography of Yash Chopra & Salman Khan… and you will realize what Im saying.

Trust me.#EkThaTiger has no jingoism,no rhetoric.And it is NOT AN ANTI-PAKISTAN FILM!
In this day and age… its stupid to make films that are insensitive or derogatory to any country or community..

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