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Rani Mukerji rescues a stray dog

Rani Mukerji is usually not known to be temperamental on sets, so when we heard that she’d lost her cool during the shoot of her upcoming film Aiyya, we knew something didn’t sound right.

And that’s when we got to know that the reason behind Rani shouting publicly was a stray dog. Apparently, Rani was upset when she saw a stray dog being harassed by a few onlookers on the sets. At that point, the actress lost her temper as she saw the helpless puppy being subjected to mockery.

A source present there says, “Rani walked up to the people who were harassing the dog and scolded them in front of the entire unit. When she saw the animal in trouble, she ran to its rescue.” Not many know that the actress is a firm advocate of animal relief and rescue in the city. It’d be nice if fellow colleagues could follow suit and take up similar causes.


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