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Saif Kareena to have a beach wedding in Maldives

We know that you’ve had enough of all the buzz related to Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor’s long impending wedding, frankly same is the case with us. But then, thankfully we’ve got our hands on a piece of news that’ll finally let all the rumours to rest in peace. Yeah, we are rubbishing all the rumours floating around that suggested that Bebo has called off the wedding, as the fact is that the wedding is pretty much on and will take place in December and that too in Maldives.

And, Saif confirmed the same to a leading daily by saying, “And the wedding is in Maldives…100 people…December not October!”

Buzz has it that this was Saif’s idea, as he wanted to have low-key wedding with only the close ones of the family attending the couple’s big day. We’re wondering if this has anything to do with the media, for if Saif thinks he’s going to ward off the big mouths by shifting the venue, then he’s certainly mistaken! And for now, we’re sitting with packed suitcases, all set for Maldives!

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