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Salman Khan takes digs at Katrina Kaif’s badappan

Actor Salman Khan could not resistbeing his cheeky self, especially when he took some playful digs at his co-star Katrina Kaif, looking svelte in a pastel dress at an event yesterday. “The film (Ek Tha Tiger) will be a success because of her,” said Salman responding to the appreciation that Katrina garnered for the music video Mashallah (played twice on request).

When Katrina was asked if she was okay about being labelled an item girl having given back-to-back hits in that genre especially for her Chikni Chameli act in Agneepath, Salman immediately jumped to her defence. “It’s a favour that she (Katrina) does for her friends,” he said. “Karan Johar is her friend so she did that song in his film. And it wasn’t Hrithik’s hardwork or Sanjay Dutt’s charm that won the film accolades…it was all because of Katrina,” he quipped.

“Yeh toh inka baddappan hai, itna bada dil hai inka that she agrees…. Who does it these days! Even for Bodyguard we requested her to do a small number and she made it a hit,” Salman continued in the same vein, while Katrina was visibly embarrassed as we heard her mumbling “you’re gonna put me in trouble Salman.”

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