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Sherlyn Chopra’s controversial press conference

Sherlyn Chopra is the first Indian woman to have posed nude for the international adult magazine Playboy. The model/actress has taken it as nothing less than an achievement and is proud of the same. As per the controversial babe, she never had to work much on getting the opportunity. At a recent press conference, we got talking to Sherlyn and she went onto explain how she bagged the cover page opportunity.

Sherlyn, who came dressed to kill in a red sari arrived late and didn’t hesitate in giving out raunchy poses to the media. She also went on to say that she was not wearing a petticoat under her sari. When asked about the Playboy magazine offer, Sherlyn said, “I didn’t have to do much. I just wrote a letter to Mr. Hefner and expressed my desire to be on the cover of his prestigious magazine. He replied in no time and called me for a shoot. I went there and in about 5 days, everything was finalised.”

People think porn stars and nude models are the same. Sherlyn, who in the past has done nude photo shoots, elaborated on the same by saying, “There is a huge difference in posing nude on a rolling camera and having sex. I have just posed nude.” When probed further about doing porn films, the actress indirectly said a lot. She claimed, ” This is the first step. I want to enjoy this to the fullest and then think about the second step.”

Sherlyn is also sure that after this Playboy cover, her career will take a complete u -turn and she will be seen in the best films. “I have always believed in doing things which are excellent. This is excellent and I’m sure after this my career will fly high and not drop down,” added Sherlyn.

Commenting on working in Bollywood, she said, “I want myself to be counted as one of the mainstream actresses of the industry. I also want to work with film makers like Aditya Chopra, Karan Johar and Vishal Bharadwaj.”

Well, now it’s time to see if the actress will really see a high in her career or will just be left behind as a wannabe model. As, for now, people are only trying to look inside her sari!


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