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What’s the deal with Salman’s love for Sarabjit?

He has been running around the remotest of nooks and corners of the nation in order to seek release of a total stranger. Yes, it’s a noble deed, and we do not mind it a bit, but what we fail to decipher is why. Of course, the presence of Salman renders the cause an unprecedented amount of weight, but the question that still continues to linger is why would Salman stand up for somebody without a rhyme or reason.

We’ll take you back to 1990 when a string of bomb blasts rattled through our dearest neighbour Pakistan. And when the famous ISI could not trace any thread to us, they caught hold of an Indian farmer linking him to the case. That unfortunate fellow, Sarabjit Singh, has been languishing in a Pakistani cell for the last 22 years awaiting justice, and his release. Salman Khan, since recently, has been extremely interested in this cause and has been appealing and tweeting for his good. His latest tweet: “Death sentence in 1991 but hanging was repeatedly postponed. sarabjit is a farmer whose village is rite on the border of india n Pakistan(sic)”, repeats the story.

The ‘Dabangg’ Khan also met Sarabjit’s family on the sets of his movie recently, which had come to personally thank the star for his support. Well, we should, ideally, have no reason to doubt Salman’s motive. But we don’t help but notice that his ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ is on the verge of release, and the ‘promotions’ have to be in the fifth gear now. Our lips are sealed!


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