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A cafe in Turkey renamed after Salman Khan

The actor’s regular haunt while shooting in Mardin in Turkey got renamed after him.

Cafe Del-Mar is the sort of place you expect to find in a Turkish city. However, imagine finding a cafe named after a Bollywood star there. Yet, if you’re in the city of Mardin in Turkey, look for the eatery that’s been renamed after our very own Salman Khan.

While shooting for Ek Tha Tiger in Mardin, Salman and the rest of the crew would often visit Cafe Del-Mar, which was close to their shooting location. The actor, however, decided that the place needed a facelift, and went on to suggest various changes.

“He (Salman) started with the decor and music and went on to the food and beverage menu. Towards the end of our stay, Cafe Del-Mar was a completely new place!” says a source from the unit, adding, “It eventually came to be known as Salman Khan Cafe.”

A Yash Raj Films spokesperson confirms, “Cafe Del-Mar is now referred to as Salman Khan Cafe as its identity has changed. They used to look forward to having Salman and the entire gang visit every day.”

Director Kabir Khan adds, “In Mardin, this cafe was our only hangout. The music system wasn’t very good, so Salman sent someone to get a better one. He installed it at the cafe, played new music and, after the shoot, left the sound system there.”


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