Ek Tha Tiger Eid Factor – Two Sides Of The Coin: The UNBELIEVABLE

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Ek Tha Tiger on Tuesday is behaving very differently at centres across India. Where there is a heavy muslim population the film is holding up with unbelievable figures and in other places it is down heavily.

This can be illustrated with figures from two centres, Lucknow and Gurgaon, both are in North India, the latter being a multiplex heavy centre just outside Delhi and the former being Muslim dominated centre of UP. Both centres are amongst the the top ten grossing centres of India for Hindi films.

Below are the UNBELIEVABLE Tuesday figures from LUCKNOW with Monday figures in brackets.

Novelty Lalbagh – 1,89,187 (1,87,217)

Novelty Aliganj – 1,17,152 (1,17,152)

Pratibha – 1,48,766 (1,64,119)

Umrao – 1,20,904 (1,20,913)

Wave – 4,57,874 (4,09,432)

PVR – 2,76,833 (3,55,520)

PVR Phoenix – 4,96,010 (5,05,065)

Fun – 4,36,870 (3,68,376)

Inox – 3,25,956 (2,23,290)

TOTAL – 25,69,552 (24,51,084)

The collections are 5% up on Tuesday in Lucknow from Monday


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