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Jism 2 posters pulled down in Mumbai

The upcoming film Jism 2 that stars Sunny Leone, Randeep Hooda and Arunoday Singh seems to have become too hot to handle for the BMC. In fact the posters of the film have been considered “too hot to handle” by Mumbai’s civic authorities with the Mayor Sunil Prabhu ordering their removal from BEST buses.

This new dictate follows a complaint lodged by NCP legislator Vidya Chavan that the posters were obscene. However, the makers of the film claim otherwise stating that contrary to the complaints of the film being vulgar, it is in fact conservative and traditional, as the story of Jism 2 is about a journey of a porn star, and her longing for real love.

Talking about this issue, Mahesh Bhatt says, “Spiting off visuals emanating out of the human imagination has been the norm since medieval times. In recent times, I remember Karan Johar’s film Kurbaan’s posters were pulled down by the moral police. Only faces of politicians change, their thoughts never do.

An ordinary citizen’s freedom has often fallen prey to the political class claiming that is good for the society. And now we will gracefully agree to their demands and replace these posters with new non controversial ones!”


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