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Katrina tossed in between the Khan Wars

The Khan war doesn’t seem to end. The Khans this time around are Aamir and Shahrukh Khan. To our dismay they have dragged Katrina Kaif into it.

It has so happened that Shahrukh was shooting for an untitled film, under the YRF banner, in Ladakh. He had already shot his scenes with Katrina, who is the female lead in the movie. Still SRK wanted her company for some other romantic scenes. Meanwhile Katrina had got a call from Amir, who is shooting in Chicago, USA, for ‘Dhoom3’. He wanted to rehearse some stunts with the daring lady, before the actual shoot. However it seems that Katrina has chosen SRK over Amir and stayed back in Ladakh to accompany him.

Whether Amir’s ego has been hurt by it, is not known. But we have seen that Kat is quite clear about her priorities and puts them across quite nicely. She had said that, Amir is quite the perfectionist and she can directly start the shoot with him without the rehearsals. Amir to an extent too can be blamed, as it was he who had postponed the shooting of ‘Dhoom3’, due to his commitments for ‘Satyamev Jayate’ and other endorsements.

One wonders what Salman would be thinking about the whole episode. Whether to take a dig at Shahrukh once again or let things sort out on their own. In recent times he has shown on screen and also off screen -during the promotion of ‘Ek tha Tiger’ -that he is still possessive about Katrina. In a recent success bash of ‘Ek Tha Tiger’, Katrina was seen happily grooving along with Salman’s family. Salman’s sister Alvira had posted photo of the same on twitter.

To add more spice to it, in the SRK-Katrina movie, both have been seen getting quite cozy in the romantic scenes. In one of the scenes, SRK is seen kissing her an in small lane, while holding her tightly against a wall. Speculations are rife whether it will flare up ‘Bhai’s’ anger against his ex-love Katrina and arch rival Shahrukh.

In a recent interview though, Salman has claimed that they have moved on. He said, “There was a time when Shahrukh and I never got along well, in fact, we don’t get along now either. It’s not that there’s any enmity. Whatever happened in the past is all forgotten. More than us, people have hyped our relationship. We are not in a boxing ring, we are mature people. He should beat me with his work and I should beat him with my work.”

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