Making Of Cocktail (2012)

Cocktail follows the basic Bollywood genre-geometry of a love triangle. The good part about this one, unlike most love triangles, is that the three protagonists get to know who loves whom pretty early in the picture and the revelation isn’t stretched till the climax. However, beyond a point, the film isn’t able to use this element to its merit and falls for the regular range of spite-to-sacrifice sentiments of any triangular love story. Cocktail, basically, is the same prose with new grammar.

The story is about three friends Gautam(Saif), Veronica(Deepika) and Meera (, debuting with this film). Veronica and Meera are friends, while Gautam and Veronica, as well as Gautam and Meera, are in a sexual, no-strings-attached relationship. So obviously there has to be some strings attached in terms of emotional stiffleness and jealousy, and rivalry, and broken heart?

Here We bring you the Exclusive making of this movie as follows:

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