Ranbir gets fake tattoo done like PC

Last month, when Priyanka Chopra returned from US, she was seen sporting a new tattoo on her fore-arm that read, ‘Daddy’s lil girl…’ PC has always been known to be extremely close to her dad and hence she got herself inked with that message.

Noticing Priyanka’s tattoo, Ranbir too decided to have some fun, all in good spirit of course. While promoting their film Barfi in London a couple of days ago, Ranbir took a pen and wrote ‘Mommys Big Boy…’ on his fore-arm a message similar to PC’s tattoo. The duo then even happily showed off their respective tattooed fore-arms much to the shutterbugs delight.

Looks like this duo certainly shares a real friendly camaraderie off-screen as well.

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