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Salman acting pricey post the success of Ek Tha Tiger?

Everyone in India, has been talking about one movie and one actor- Salman Khan’s Ek Tha Tiger refuses to stop weaving magic at the Indian Box Office.

And Salman, who has never witness such unprecedented success ever, is enjoying every bit of his super stardom, but then, his detractors have already started reading too much, when it comes to his success!

Latest buzz has it that Salman is acting choosy when it comes to picking up future projects, as quite obviously, he doesn’t want to go wrong at this high point of his career. So much so that he’s just declined filmmaker Subhash Ghai’s movie offer with whom he did ‘Yuvvraaj’ in 2008. The director wanted him to star in his next, which is being touted a romanctic saga.

A leading daily quoted a source as saying, “Subhashji told Salman that he had an interesting love story to make a film with him, and even narrated the concept. Also, in keeping with his action image, they’d have a couple of thrilling sequences too.”

The daily further, “Salman declined saying he wasn’t too enthused by the idea. Salman told Ghai that currently, he has a couple of other commitments. So depending on the director coming up with a subject he finds interesting by the time he fulfills his commitments, he couldn’t say about later at this point.”

Well, wonder if this has anything to do with the success of Ek Tha Tiger? Here’s hoping that Salman continues remaining as grounded as he is. Interestingly, whatever said and done, Salman’s fans are rejoicing the fact that he’s not starring in a Yuvvraaj type of movie, for they love him in his masala movie avatars!


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