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All dressed up and nowhere to go – 2.0/5.0

By: Smita

Heroine starts nowhere and ends nowhere. And in between coming and going from and to nowhere, it wallows in a pond full of tears of self-pity.

We wonder why Mahi Arora is so unhappy. We never know exactly where her career stands at the start of the movie. Is she on top of the heap or a well- established actress or is her career on the wane? Since we don’t have this crucial bit of information it’s hard to process her relationship with her actor boyfriend. Is she so emotional about him because she has nothing else? And when he leaves her she moves on to the next puddle of tears and the next boyfriend. She also works on her career. He seems to be a nice guy who loves her and she bags a big movie and yet our heroine cries and cries and then rejects him. She engineers a scandal to ensure a hit and then cries about doing it. Her strategy works, the movie becomes a hit and still she cries and shivers and becomes a wreck.

All this crying takes place over 3 hours and towards the end I was hoping fervently that she would overdose on pills or slash her wrist or at the very least fall off the ledge in a drunken stupor. But no such luck. We have to wait till the end to see an abrupt ending at which the guy next to me exclaimed “Yeh kya tha???”

Kareena plays the neurotic woman who does not know what she wants to the hilt. No eye make up, smudged mascara, red nose and copious tears make up the Heroine. She has wasted her energy and her talent. Even ‘halkat jawani’ is a damp squib. Arjun Rampal and Randeep Hooda as the love interests are decent. The person I really liked watching was Shahana Goswami as the Bengali art film actress. Ranveer Shorey as the mad Bengali director at least provides some much needed laughs.

Too weepy, too rambling, too long. Heroine is an exercise in self indulgence and narcissism. Avoid.


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