Barfi Not just a Sweet but really SWEET – 4.5/5.0

By: Dushyant

I have a sweet tooth and I am a sweet person and i like Sweet movies but Burfi is just not a sweet, its subtle emotion of love, care, innocense, passion and going beyond boundaries. In the era where shallow cheap entertainers gross money like anything and Class movies just bring a smile with not much to count… Burfi is into hall of Classics for me.

I should not tell much about the movie as much is known from teasers but there is always more to the BIG PICTURE than what meets the eye. I loved the story telling and way I was glued to the screen. Jr Kapoor did a fantastic job in keeping into the character with small nuiances and mannerism developed for the character. Piggy Chops has chooped right on, an autistic child played by her gets audience to have sympathy from the time she came on screen. Sympathy might not be the right word to be used here but I feel a connection established on similar line movie has a character who is torn apart between empathatic lover and a practical person played by Ileana she is the voice of the movie and a treat on screen.

Supporting Cast true plays in along with the leads and support in all ways possible, you might hate Ashish playing a parent but by the time movie ends you might just forgive him and understand his view too.

The only thing I did not like in the movie is the make up done for the old days amongst all cast, felt it was just a bit over but apart from that there is nothing i did not love about the movie.

Score time … 4.5/5 for sure not to be missed and movie definitely has a lot of effort so asking you for appreciation do it. đŸ™‚


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