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Jha’s dig at industrialists cleared with a disclaimer

Prakash Jha’s upcoming film, Chakravyuh, has a song titled Mehangai, which reportedly names the biggest business houses in the country. They have been accused of carving out huge profits at the cost of the common man. The movie is based on the naxal movement.

We asked Jha why he named the richest persons in India and he said, “I have nothing personal against these (business) houses and have used their names only for symbolical reasons. In our villages, when someone flaunts his wealth, he/she is usually asked, ‘Tu Tata-Birla ban gaya kya?’ That’s just like when someone dances well, they say, ‘Madhuri Dixit banna hai kya?’. This song is about the naxals venting their anger against the establishment and industry. I did not want to use inanimate objects and so, used names symbolic of development and progress. But I also believe that development needs to be inclusive. I want to highlight how the industry manipulates and works only for itself. Yesterday, I read how Naveen Jindal is India’s highest paid executive with a salary of 73 crores per annum, vis-a-vis 75 per cent of India, which earns less than ` 30 a day. How can such growth be called inclusive, if 25 per cent of the GDP of our country is in the hands of just 100 families?”

The Censor Board has given a green signal to the song, with just a disclaimer (reproduced below). But what remains to be seen is the reaction of the industry to the song.

Translated Lyrics of the song Mehangai Hey Big Brother, we’ve had enough of your despotic rule. It is our turn now! Be it Birla or Tata, Ambani or Bata… In pursuit of their profit, they’ve carved up the country. It is our blood… Yes, it is our blood that drives their engines, fast and furious. The common man’s pocket is cleaned out bare. No more of this pomp and pelf It is our turn now!
DISCLAIMER The references in the song are purely for illustrative purpose. We do not mean to disrespect or harm any individual or brand.

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