Movie Review: Heroine (2012)

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Madhur Bhandarkar is eminently regarded for delving into the detailing of varied subjects, be it the gritty life of bar girls [CHANDNI BAR], the socialites and media persons [PAGE 3], the corporate czars [CORPORATE], the people hanging around a traffic signal [TRAFFIC SIGNAL] or the glitzy fashion industry [FASHION]. His movies are in a league of their own. His latest work, HEROINE, orbits around the journey of an actress, the glamour and glitz surrounding her career and the dark side of fame and eminence. Madhur is famed for presenting facts of various subject matters as if he were a man from within the fraternity. In this case, yes, he’s an insider and knows accurately how the movie industry operates.

But first things first! The query that continues to consume cineastes ever since Madhur announced the film is, whether or not HEROINE is an extension of FASHION? FASHION itself was alleged to be an extension of PAGE 3, which was based on the lives of socialites, actors, models and members of the media. Sure, HEROINE, like FASHION, envisages the voyage of a woman [an actress here] and the different phases of glory and stardom. Also, like FASHION, there’s a gloomy side too thanks to the desperate battle to stay put at the zenith.

Mahi [Kareena Kapoor] was a Superstar in every sense of the word. She was beautiful, famous, successful and affluent. Unfortunately, Mahi’s inner world was in direct contrast to her outer life. She was prone to intense mood swings, was insecure, unsure and lonely. Mahi’s only source of happiness was the all-consuming love for the reigning superstar [Arjun Rampal]. Mahi, unmindful of her career, was only focused on somehow getting her love requited and in her attempt to do that begins a journey spiraling downwards. Her career, her sanity and her life all at once go through a spinning twist.


Good Reviews  |  Average Reviews  |  Bad Reviews
Positive Reviews
4.0 “The film explores humane side of affairs where every incident, character, situation or circumstance comes with a definite reason without really bordering on being entirely white or grey.”
3.5 “HEROINE is yet another hard-hitting motion picture from Madhur Bhandarkar.”
Bollywood Hungama
3.0 “Heroine is Kareena’s Dirty Picture. The actress has shown ample cleavage and partaken in some really intimate bedroom scenes. Definitely worth a dekho!”
Times of India
Average Reviews
2.5 “Kareena Kapoor fans are sure to watch it once…for others, we recommend buying a Fashion DVD and watching it again.”
Negative Reviews
2.0 “There’s nothing innovative about Madhur Bhandarkar’s Heroine.”
2.0 “The film that Bhandarkar has made is indeed disappointingly mechanical.”
NDTV Movies
2.0 “Heroine is nothing but a rehashed version of Madhur’s earlier movies and clearly a disappointing affair.Watch only if you are a Kareena Kapoor fan as she alone is the highlight of the film.”
2.0 “Heroine – Bhandarkar’s cosmetic, boring take on the Hindi film industry”
DNA India
2.0 “For most of the movie, we watch instead her trip from being a “zeroine” to a “zeroine” in a mad, sad jungle.”
Daily Bhaskar
2.0 “Heroine is absolutely Kareena’s film, not Madhur’s.”
Zee News
2.0 “The film lacks life and passion and moreover drably monotonous. In one word, we aren’t wowed at the climax of the film.”
One India
2.0 “Unless you are a huge Kareena Kapoor fan, give this one a wide berth.”
2.0 “Typical Bhandarkar film aimed high on sensation, but very little story.”
1.5 “Heroine movie irritates more than entertains, but some of the performances are nice.”

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